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Safe Site

The Safe Site System is the set of procedures that allows us to translate our commitment to safety and well-being with all our collaborators, suppliers, and clients into real and verifiable facts.

Safe Site promotes legal compliance to mitigate and prevent risks at work since at marhnos ® our priority is the physical integrity of the worker and the care of the environment.

Safety Cycle

To plan

We review requirements and develop strategies, risk analyses, and emergency plans before we start. We also put emphasis on the selection of the best-qualified personnel.


We train our staff on the safety protocols that they must consider and we communicate risk, incident, and accident analysis through daily talks, informational posters, and project signs.


We always have security supervisors in all our works, who maintain attention in behavioral observation and disciplinary procedures, anti-drugs, and work permits.

To get better

We raise weekly and monthly reports with statistical analysis and identification of lessons learned in incidents, as well as general recognition in each of our works.