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MAF Capital

We are an alternative investment management company specialized in the management of infrastructure and real estate funds with a comprehensive focus on all related stakeholders. Through its affiliates and subsidiaries, MAF Capital has managed investments of more than US$ 470 million in listed vehicles, private vehicles, and JVs in the United States and Latin America.

We provide exposure to specialized and relevant portfolios and investments for each type of investor, with a focus on social, environmental, and governance responsibility, based on compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals through financial guidance to vehicles that seek to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of the 2030 Agenda.


Advice and due diligence services in mergers and acquisitions.

Raising, structuring, and management of private equity funds.

Infrastructure and real estate asset management.

Advice on financial restructuring.

Investment Opportunities


MAF Capital manages a private equity fund listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange that was established through the issuance of Development Capital Certificates (CKD) issued in 2010 for ~ US $ 50 million dollars. This CKD has been a pioneer in providing exposure to investments in social infrastructure to institutional investors such as insurers, brokerages, and public and private pension funds. By listing the certificate on the Mexican Stock Exchange, it complies with practically the same information and corporate governance standards as any public company.

Multi-Tex platform

In 2020, MAF Capital innovates with this Platform, which has the purpose of acquiring, managing, financing, leasing, operating, remodeling, and selling real estate in the multifamily sector in the main metropolitan areas of Texas. The investment objective is to create returns for our investors through the repositioning of assets, the generation of operational and energy efficiencies, and financial engineering. The Platform focuses on properties located in Houston, Dallas, Fort-Worth, San Antonio, and Austin to implement an investment strategy that allows building returns while promoting the improvement in the quality of life of the residents.

Education Platform in LATAM

In 2021, MAF Capital is in the process of forming an innovative investment platform, with an ESG approach, aimed at the growing and neglected sector of social infrastructure in LATAM, specifically in schools, through Public-Private Partnerships. Grupo Marhnos is behind the only Latin American initiative with proven ability to develop, operate and manage this asset class, becoming a top-tier strategic partner with a proven and successful history in the sector and IDC, a fund manager with extensive trajectory and unique positioning to raise capital in LATAM.

Club Guatemala

MAF Capital aims in 2022 to structure, develop, finance, operate, and manage a transportation infrastructure platform in Guatemala, through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). The platform aims to expand the Group's operation in Guatemala, mainly through the construction, maintenance, and operation of highways. Grupo Marhnos is already positioned as a leading developer in PPP schemes, and currently manages a broad portfolio of projects with recoverable private investment, a long-term operating horizon, a solid payment guarantee, and the participation of strategic allies for their assembly, execution, and operation.

Corporate governance

MAF Capital implements four levels of corporate governance bodies in its investments that participate in all transactions:

Investment Committee

It is in charge of reviewing and approving (or rejecting) all investments proposed by MAF Capital based on the eligibility criteria.

Administration Team

It has the mandate to execute the transactions approved by the Investment Committee based on the authorized parameters and the eligibility criteria.

Governing Board

Responsible for providing strategic guidance and overseeing the overall performance of investments. They have a relationship with the administrators and have the authority to remove the promoters or operators of the investments.

Audit Committees

Committees are in charge of providing specialized advice to the other governing bodies, as well as validating the correct functioning and execution of internal policies.

The existence of these governing bodies is intended to control the risk of discretionary actions by employees since all transactional decisions must be presented and approved by their respective committees. Additionally, there are independent members outside of these four governing bodies who participate in all approval processes.

Our Leaders

Blanca Rodríguez

As an expert in finance, mergers and acquisitions, consulting and fund management, she has participated in the execution of more than $6.5 billion dollars in debt and venture capital for real estate and infrastructure projects in Latin America and the United States. She is in charge of financing and investment vehicles for the Corporate and participates as a member of the corporate governance committee of the Urban Land Institute Mexico, the editorial board of Inmobiliare magazine and the advisory committee of the GRI Club Infrastructure Mexico.