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Building for short-term rent

2021 Jul 31

The demand for short-term rental housing through apps has made real estate developers set their sights on the construction of complexes designed and equipped so that they can be incorporated into these platforms.

“The model is that the construction company or the real estate developer is to build the complex, sell the house, they can sell it with certain amenities, yes or no.

"Each person, personally, will be in charge of whether they want to enjoy the home or put it up for rent in a traditional way, with contracts that are typically for one year, or through platforms," explained Alberto Vázquez, KPMG's leading real estate partner in Mexico.

If the buyer decides to rent the home through short-term rental platforms, the platform would give him a certainty in aspects such as the payment method and the conditions in which the guest leaves the property.

"These platforms guarantee, due to the controls they have, in the same conditions in which you delivered it, otherwise there are guarantees typically subject to a credit card that could respond to that," said Vázquez.

This model of construction and sale of housing already has a presence in Mexico City, where Marhnos Hábitat builds a complex of 36 apartments designed so that whoever invests in one of these spaces can start offering it even before the house is delivered.

“We did a study and we detected that there is a need in the Nuevo Polanco area, there are currently around 200 units available.

"We design four types of apartments where we are giving the client a solution with a design adapted to the needs of the guest and the needs of short-term rental," said Ana Ximena Torres, director of Marhnos Hábitat.

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