marhnos® inmuebles

We solve real estate needs in an integral and long-term manner for institutional clients through efficient and adaptable leasing projects that strengthen our estate, generate flow and contribute to the development of the environment.




marhnos® real estate has the ability to develop different types of properties under different investment vehicles, as it has done throughout its history.

An example of this is the case of the Private Equity Firm (Sociedad de Inversión de Capital, SINCA) among Grupo Posadas, NAFINSA and marhnos, created for the investment, development, construction and operation of Business Class hotels throughout the country



Under the “Build to Suit” arrangement where marhnos® is a pioneer since it started on the ’90s we provide properties for lease that meet the specific needs of renown companies; we look for the appropriate land, we design, finance, build and maintain the requested property.

For more than 20 years, we have developed projects of this type in the following sectors: Industrial, commercial, office and foreign governments.

Success stories: Factories for Frialsa and Bimbo, corporate buildings for Husky and marhnos group and Consulates for the U.S. Government.



Integral development and lease of commercial premises strategically located in growth centers and within the developments of marhnos® hábitat in urban areas of high pedestrian and vehicular flow.

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