We maintain a commitment to quality and total satisfaction of our customers, that is why we combined our efforts, skills and capabilities to make marhnos® a more consistent competitor in the market over time, always reflecting the leadership that characterizes our organization. We have the following certifications:

ISO 9001
This standard establishes the criteria for a quality management system focused on the client, in order to guarantee that the products and services comply with the client’s requirements and that the quality is constantly improved.
ISO 14001
This standard specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to improve its environmental performance.
ISO 18001
The OHSAS 18001 standard has been developed in response to industry demands of a recognized occupational health and safety management system, which can be externally audited and certified.

Among the benefits that we obtain when implementing management systems, are the following:

  • productividad-4

    Generation of more effective ways of working that allow us to save time, money and resources.

  • creatividad-2

    Promotion of creativity, innovation and organizational learning.

  • medioambiente-6

    Promotion of care and protection of the environment.

  • seguridad-7

    Care of Occupational Health and Safety.